The Garden Get Together.

If I can find an intested friend and stop being billy no mates, I think I'll go to the Garden Get Together at the Hare and Hounds this evening (26/2/10 9pm) for some Balearic Beats and a warm up for my trip to Croatia this summer.


Way! I found a setting that allows me to allocate more memory on each track in Cubase. This means I don't have to replace my crappy laptop just yet and popping a cracking noises that were so frustrating have gone away - or at least they've disappeared from the rubbish built in speakers, I've yet to try it on my quality Aldi soundsystem.

Maybe I'll get back to work on my Italo Disco track.

I've got this sound in my head, similar to an vintage electric piano but a bit lighter with a bit more sustain but trying to get it out of either of the synths built into my old copy of Reason is driving me nuts, everything I try ends up sounding like a saw. Maybe I need to go on a course or find a bigger boy to show me how to do it.

Untitled Italo House Record

I've been working on a rather cheesy italo house track, it's very rough an ready not sure I'm brave enough to upload it at the moment it needs a) a title and b) a bit more work on it. It's pretty simple knocking out something on Reason/Cubase but to actually make something that sounds decent is a completely different task.

Tropical Punk Rock Techno

It's miserable grey freezing cold Sunday, outside there's a layer of very wet snow so and I'm warming myself up by listening to music created in sunnier climes (or at least sound like they were). I've been going through the likes of El Guincho, The Ruby Suns, Abe Vigodo and Vampire Weekend but have now moved onto the San Fransisco sounds of Dirty Bird and Claude VonStroke.

I'll think I'll listen to some of that Nu-Balearica in a bit. Hopefully it'll warm things up...

New(ish) Decade New Website New Name

It's a new decade, my brother and I both shaved off our increasingly ridiculous facial hairs (for the time being at least) and we've being having a lazyhiatus when it comes to doing this sort of stuff. So I figured it was time for a new website and for some new events more details of those coming soon.