A Short Podcast, This One is Number Six!

Girls Make Passes Podcast #6 by st00ka

I don't even know what this music is called but I think it's pretty cool. Hip hop? Bass? Dunno. Anyway, it's the hardest thing in the world to mix, I think I'm supposed to do some of those rewinds or something. Most of these tracks were made available via the Creative Commons so the track listing is:

1. Mux Mool - Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix) - Ghostly
2. Swede:Art - Wonkycarz - Error Broadcast
3. Niño - Interludio - Penrite Records
4. Pixel Lord - Quartz Boy (Coco Bryce Rider Mix) - Error Broadcast
5. Robert Koch - A Day Like This - Planet Terror
6. Shepherd - Kantknelt - Acroplane
7. fLako - 04500 - Not sure what label this is on I followed a twitter link.
8. Schlomo - Blankets - Error Broadcast

Free party for those ugly enough to be invited.