Happy Cycling

We are DJing on Thursday 4th August at the Bulls Head in Moseley as part of the Happy Cycling night.


It's been a few weeks since we put anything up on here. Been struggling to do a cohesive sounding mix lately, got some really nice tracks I want to highlight but they just don't seem to hang together as a whole. In my total frustration and because I've developed a horrible cold I decided to go through some of the ambient music that has been on my laptop a while but not listened to.

This mix(tape) is the music I listened to last night recorded as I was playing it. Sit down and chill out. :)


I'm quite proud of this one even if I do say so myself. Ambient, skweee, dubstep, electronica and all sorts of other stuff, perfect for early nice summer spring days like today.

Chilltide - 5th May

Quieten Down at the Back

After the ridiculousness that was silly dubstep remixes provided by my brother, I have decided to calm us all down. A mix put together over three days, the initial idea was to start of slow and build up but it never quiet happened. So here is a slow quiet ambient drone mix as built by Mr BigrichardC.

Only four days til the weekend.

While waiting for my butler to clear all of the love tokens away from my front door I sat and and made this Monday Moosic Mix, some new music and some not so. Chilled out and yet still upbeat. The weekend isn't that far away.

Some Links


Sunday Sunday

Somehow the "everything sounds like the eighties" mix that I was going to compile ended up I think proving that lots of stuff sounds like nothing before. A short and laidback affair.