Sore Eyes

I have sore eyes. I've been looking at this screen for far far too long. Here something a bit more lively than the last few.

Montgomery Clunk - Entourage (B-Ju Remix)
OL - Kombi
Gucci Mane - Photoshoot (Flying Lotus Remix)
Mux Mool - Death 9000 (Prof P.O.S. Broadcasting Version)
My Own - Lets Make Nice
King Midas Sound - U Dub Part 1
SKRP - Satan and His Army
Mount Kimbie - Serged (FaultDL Mix)
OL - Unexpected
Masochistic Values - Sinner (Trains Remix Feat Heartless)
The Sight Below - With Her Kiss I'd Pass the Sky


An ambient experimental slow mix for people who are away from work convalescing from some generic illness. More orange juice people!

A Big Rich is Off SIck Mix.

Big Rich is Sick Mix by st00ka

XYCID - 16th June 1996 - Crazy Language [CL_031]
Alister Flint - Endless Fields of Suns - Silent Network [SLNT 15]
Sustainer - Cromosomor C - Miga [MIGA40]
Alinoe - Ur - Bump Foot [Foot 155]
Iameb 57 - Expiration Date - Crazy Language [CL_032]
Junta - Addicts - Acroplane [AC065]
Inane - ___________ - Audiotalaia [at034]
Lastrapink - Destellos - Acroplane [AC052]

All tracks are released through creative commons licences.