Jahcoozi Remix

I took the parts from Jahcoozi's Remix Competition and this is what I made.

Barefoot Dub (GMP Mix) by st00ka

Podcast #3

After spending far far too long trying to knock out a hip hip set to with no luck I sat there and just listened to some tracks, this is the result, a stream of conciousness mix I suppose you could call it.

Girls Make Passes Podcast #3 by st00ka

Cool Shit

I am so out of the loop when it comes to music labels, I've got a copy of DJ Mag in had and am looking up every label I come across. Obviously my hipster prestige levels are taking a battering by announcing this but I don't care I've discovered or at least DJ Mag has pointed me towards so some cool stuff this afternoon. Namely Record Makers, Kavinsky, Acid Washed, Ikonika, Mantrap Records.

I like this tune from Acid Washed, it's kind of more acidic Ed Banger mixed with something that Moroder would have produced many moons ago, the singer is also called Barbara Panther which is in my opinion a good thing, the mixes are pretty cool too Gavin Russom version is a bit iffy to start with and takes a good five minutes to really get going but once it does its amazing, the Blackstrobe version is just very good.

Acid Washed - Snake (feat. Barbara Panther) from Record Makers on Vimeo.

Girls Make Passes Podcast #2

I spent far too long compiling this one, going through everyone from The Sight Below to the Boo Radleys in hope of getting the sound right. I hopes you likes it.

GMP Podcast #2 by st00ka

1. Scott 4 - Lilla B-Boy Lullabye
2. Badly Drawn Boy - Kerplunk By Candlelight
3. Formication - This Summer
4. Arcade - JPlug
5. Neboa - Para tu Tara
6. bRUNA - Don't Give Up
7. Computah! - Mal(o)
8. oRex - Step Killi
9. Just Jack - Fox News

Synth Eastwood

Next Friday we are as part of the Flatpack Film Festival looking forward to some chin stroking at Synth Eastwood presenting Fast Forward at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham featuring:


Gangpol und Mit.

Holy green jelly from Gangpol & Mit on Vimeo.

Spring Spring

It feels very spring like today. I've been wandering around in the sunshine listening to some cool electo-hispanica sounds from the Pendrive Records label. Its the kind of music that improves your surrounding, the light looks different, colours more intense and the clouds change into a million and one recognizable shapes and the world feels a better place.


Back from my stroll and I'm trawling the Interwebs for some new sounds, I like this "Sophiticated and High Quality" track from Swiss Label Numbolic.


numbolic | MySpace Music Videos


Some wierd shit. http://www.myspace.com/dpsmusicistheshit

dp-S_S-03/Gravity Noir

dp-S | MySpace Music Videos

We Made a Podcast

Girls Make Passes Podcast #1 by st00ka


Woolfy Vs Projections - Absynth (Marcus Worgull Remix)
Jarvis Cocker - You're in my eyes (disco song) (Pilooksi Remix)
Rune Lindbaek - Nautilus
John Talbot - Sunshine (Luke Abbot Remix)
MF Doom - Accordian (Four Tet Remix)


I was going to lock myself away for a week, enter the competition to design Richie Hawtin's Plastikman Visuals and win of course. But unfortunately the spec on my coal powered laptop was just not up to the job. Why can't he accept an entry made with crayons?



It's lunchtime and I'm struggling to finish this code I've been tasked to sort out by the end of the day, I've got some other things also to get out of the way later this afternoon, I'll probably get a bollocking come Monday morning and I'm listening to the noisecore of Franck Vigroux a Friday feeling I do not have.

franck vigroux & philippe fontes -0- from dautrescordes on Vimeo.

Another Band I Want To See This Summer # 2

Crazy P - I've been at various venues on many occasions when the Penis have played, unfortunately I've either been so drunk that my head has been elsewhere or I've had the lovely problem of dealing with other beer casualties and have missed the show. Hopefully I get to see them properly this year.

There one of those bands that never quite seem to translate their live stuff, but this is cool.

I've had a shitty day I want to listen to some loud bass heavy music.

Shitty day, told off for doing something I didn't do, snotty emails off stupid people wanting me to do things I can't do anyway and phone calls asking me to chase things that I've got no control over anyway. Bah!

Bass heavy sounds of Robert Koch. At Sonar this year.

Robot Koch vs. Cerebral Vortex :: Aftershocks from Laura Weider on Vimeo.

Dance Dance Dance

I've played this mix non-stop since I got up this morning I absolutely love it. It is the summer.


And I particularly like this:

Acts I Hope to I Get to See This Summer #1 - 2020 Soundsytem

The amount of times I've discovered something two or three years down the line and then realised that I was actually standing stuffing my face outside the tent where they were making their seminal performace is getting into embarrassing figures now.

So this year on my festival travels I've decided to catch as many new performances as possible. I guess I really don't need to see 2ManyDjs for the 99th time.

Anyway today scouting around the Interweb I'm checking out the Ralph Lawson led Leeds/Argentina foursome 2020 Soundsytem today who I'd describe as the Disco Ozric Tentacles (less cider more house) and I think they is ace.

More fun than and less chin strokey than The Bays unfortunately they are only playing the first weekend of the Garden Festival and I'm not there so I'll probably not see them but at least being a Glasto is a better excuse than being pissed eating a hot dog outside the tent they are in. :(